Behind the Porn Scenes: A Conversation on Ethical Porn and the People Who Make It

October 28 (Wed), 11:30 PM - October 29 (Thu), 12:30 AM UTC


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Ah, porn. Most of us watch it and yet, so few of us feel comfortable with it. We wonder if the performers actually enjoy rough sex and if it’s okay that we like watching it. And if a certain fantasy turns us on, does that mean we should do it in real life? Do our partners wish we were more like porn stars? How real is porn, anyway?

The porn industry has a reputation for being grimy, abusive, and demeaning to marginalized groups — but not all porn is created equal. Sometimes a “vanilla” sex scene can be more problematic than a BDSM scene, and that difference lies in the production. If you’re looking for something that makes you and your conscience feel good, ethical porn might just be your answer.

Join us for a conversation about ethical porn with award-winning screenwriter and pornographic film director, Jacky St. James and Playboy model, porn performer, and 2020 AVN Trophy Girl, Scarlit Scandal. The conversation will be led by the one and only podcast host and journalist extraordinaire, Arielle Kaplan aka Whoregasmic. It's a night you certainly won't want to miss.

A sneak peek of what we will discuss:

  • What makes porn "ethical"? How can you find ethical porn?
  • How does ethical porn get made? What’s the difference between mainstream and ethical porn studios?
  • What does working in the porn industry look like? How does it impact personal relationships?
  • What happens behind the porn scenes? What don’t we see in the final product?
  • Do most porn performers have natural chemistry? What happens if they don't?

This evening is brought to you by tabú, the adult sex ed you never knew you needed, and Bellesa, the premier destination for all things female sexuality (including porn, of course). We sure do hope you'll come... 😏


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