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Grow Your Business Through Podcasts | Craftsman Creative Workshop

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Join us for free in the next Craftsman Creative Workshop. We're joined this month by Jeremy Enns, a podcast expert who runs Podcast Marketing Academy.

In this free workshop, you'll learn how to take advantage of your time guesting on podcasts, hone your pitch, get listeners to your site, and grow your business.

Both Daren & Jeremy will present and there will be 20 minutes at the end to get ALL of your questions answered.

Daren Smith is the founder of Craftsman Creative. He brings his experience from 16 years as a creative entrepreneur and Film Producer to help others build profitable, bespoke businesses.

In each of these monthly workshops, we dive into the different areas of your business that help you build and grow. Past workshops include discussions on mindset, vision, outcomes, audience growth, lead generation, your product ecosystem, sales, and operations.

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