Cover Image for How to Become More Confident
Cover Image for How to Become More Confident
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How to Become More Confident

Hosted by Climate People, Katharina Hellmann & Natalie Lavery
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Join Climate People for a webinar featuring Katharina Hellmann, a certified life coach. In this session, "How to Become More Confident," Katharina will share strategies on applying confidence to your climate job search.

Designed for those passionate about climate change and seeking a career transition, this webinar will address common concerns, like suitability for a climate role, self-doubt, and finding satisfaction in a climate career.

Katharina will highlight the difference between confidence and self-confidence and their application in job hunting. The event also offers two breakout rooms and an active chat for participation and networking.

After being moved by the 2018 IPCC report, Katharina transformed her lifestyle and started advocating for systemic change. Her coaching aligns one's career with their values and passions. With her experience across all roles and seniority levels, she is ready to guide anyone eager for a fulfilling climate-focused career.

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