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AthenaDAO and New Girls on the Block(chain) Cocktail 🍾🪩

Hosted by AthenaDAO & Molecule
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Paris, Île-de-France
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When crypto does women’s lifestyle 💁‍♀️

Join AthenaDAO and bioxyz for a Parisian-style aperitivo at the CALLA showroom in the Marais.

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Time: 18:00 - 20:00 CEST

Kindly RSVP  - Limited Capacity 

About AthenaDAO

​​​AthenaDAO is a decentralized science (DeSci) collective working on transformative women’s health research funding, education, and access.  

​Their aim is to bring researchers, women’s communities, and funders together in a collaborative way to support this undervalued but promising area of research. 

​They were chosen as one of the first BioDAOs in bioxyz, recently published the second volume of their Reproductive Health Report series and are working with researchers from prestigious institutions like NUS and Cambridge.

​​​Are you interested in being a contributor? You can sign up here! 🧬

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About bioxyz

bioxyz is a biotech DAO accelerator and DeSci meta-governance layer, funding and supporting future builders in decentralized science through DAOs working on a range of therapeutic areas and infrastructure projects.

bioxyz provides a launchpad, resources, mentorship, a shared network, and a suite of legal and smart contracts for DeSci DAOs. Their goal is to enable DeSci DAOs to utilize IP-NFTs to fund, govern, and develop intellectual property from universities, companies, and researchers worldwide, catalyzing a Cambrian explosion of digital IP assets.


CALLA is a brand exploring sustainable design in recycling luxury textiles and supporting craft, with an emphasis on babouches and boucharouite rugs.

Her collections have been lauded by the fashion press including Vogue, Elle, and the New York Times.  Printemps, Harvey Nichols, Isetan, Opening Ceremony and other leading luxury retailers carried CALLA.