Cover Image for Presenter Series: Stack Method (Part 1) with Anya Singleton: International Ops Fest 2023

Presenter Series: Stack Method (Part 1) with Anya Singleton: International Ops Fest 2023

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Email can be time-consuming, stressful, and a productivity-killer. Is your inbox an overcrowded mess? 

As a COO, one of your primary objectives is to help your business operate as efficiently as possible. Yet despite our best efforts, we often stumble into the same challenges of missed deadlines, stressed-out staff, and wasted time over and over again. We know that managing email is a critical part of the daily productivity picture, but still don’t know how to solve for frustrations and inefficiencies. 

The COO Forum is pleased to present the Stack Method workshop on email management from the workplace productivity experts at Double Gemini. Presented by Anya Singleton, Director of Training and Programming at Double Gemini, the Stack Method is a breakthrough process for working through your email faster and staying in control of your inbox. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the major obstacles to email productivity, as well as a core set of techniques to overcome them. With the Stack Method, you will get to inbox zero every day and free your mind to focus on what matters.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to manage your emails better, forever

  • How to work through your emails faster in batches

  • The only email folders you’ll ever need

  • Time management techniques for processing email daily