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CV4W Guest Series #4: Let's Doodle with Sairam Sundaresan

Hosted by John from CV4W, Sairam Sundaresan & Angie
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Join us for the 4th edition of the CV4W Guest Lecture Series.

This time we are joined by research scientist and writer Sairam Sundaresan whose doodles make machine learning fun.

What to expect:

  • Look inside Sairam's creative process

  • Draw from conversation: breakout rooms to brainstorm sketches

  • Show & tell: get feedback on draft drawings


Sairam is a machine learning scientist with over 12 years of experience in the tech industry.

His work has been featured in Forbes magazine, powers phones you use, and has led to several publications and patents.

That's his day job. Outside of work, he's an award-winning nature photographer, writer, aspiring doodler and proud dad. But, above all this, he's an educator and creator at heart.

He writes a free weekly newsletter, Gradient Ascent, which demystifies AI even for non-technical folks. While taking Write of Passage, he was inspired by John Nicholas' mentor sessions and restarted doodling and illustrating. During his childhood, he loved to make illustrations of cartoon characters and abstract landscapes. This time though, he began illustrating AI concepts. These doodles went viral and caught the attention of bigwigs in the AI world.

Sairam is currently working on an illustrated AI book called AI for the Rest of Us. He continues to experiment and try different illustration techniques to make complex ideas simple and fun to learn.


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