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HOT TAKE Series: Battle of the L2s

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Şişli, İstanbul
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9:00-9:50 - Gates Open & Registrations (Ongoing)

9:50-10:00 - Opening Words

10:00-10:15 - Keynote Speech

  • Anurag Arjun (Co-Founder, Avail)

10:15-10:45 - zkSync ZKStack & Hyperchains (Talk & Demo)

  • Kalman Lajko (Senior Software Engineer, zkSync) (Talk)

  • Matías Onrato & Javier Chatruc (Tech Lead, Lambda Class) (Demo)

10:50-11:20 - Arbitrum Orbit (Talk & Demo)

  • Matt Pearring (Head of Product, Offchain Labs)

11:25-12:10 - Rollups, Validiums, & Optimiums (Rollup Customers) Panel - Moderated by Prabal Banerjee (Co-Founder, Avail)

  • Mingshi Song (Head of Strategy, Astar)

  • Jerome de Tychey (CEO, Cometh)

  • Zoe Li (Strategy, Mantle)

  • Victor Ji (Co-Founder, Manta Network)

  • Deli Gong (Co-Founder, Automata Network)

12:15-12:45 - Starknet Appchains & Madara (Talk & Demo)

  • Apoorv Sadana (Founder, Nucleus & Maintainer, Madara)

12:50-13:35 - Rollup-as-a-Service Panel (Hosted by Grace Deng (SevenX Ventures))

  • Amrit Kumar (COO, Altlayer)

  • Parker Jou (Co-Founder & CTO, Caldera)

  • Hilmar Orth (Co-Founder, Gelato)

  • Alvaro Fernández (Business Director, Lumoz)

  • Rushi Manche (Founder, Movement Labs)

13:40-14:20 - Lunch Break

14:25-14:45 - Celo's L2 Proposal: Scaling Up the Tempo of Affordable Transactions (Talk)

  • Marek Olszewski (CTO, cLabs)

14:50-15:20 - OP Stack & Superchain (Talk & Demo)

  • Binji Pande (NFT Lead, OPLabs)

15:25-15:55 - Do Sequencers Matter?

  • Toghrul Maharramov (Rollup Sorceror, Scroll)

16:00-16:45 - The L2 Landscape Panel (hosted by Bartek (L2BEAT))

  • Toghrul Maharramov (Rollup Sorceror, Scroll)

  • Ben Jones (Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Optimism Foundation)

  • Patrick McCorry (Researcher, Arbitrum)

  • Alex Gluchowski (CEO & Co-founder Matter Labs, Co-inventor zkSync)

  • Jordi Baylina (Technical Lead & Co-Founder, Polygon)

16:50-17:05 - Tea Break

17:10-17:30 - ZK Fraud Proofs and the Future of Finality (Talk)

  • Steven Li (Growth, RISC Zero)

17:35-17:55 - Modular Gaming Stack for Onchain Games (Talk)

  • Sebastien Guillemot (Co-Founder, Paima Studios)

18:00 - Closing words followed by Networking

Come and build with Ethereum's largest L2/L3 scaling providers. Dive deep into the solutions and ecosystems being built with rollups like:

  • Arbitrum Orbit/Stylus, 

  • Polygon CDK/2.0, 

  • Starkware Fractal scaling/L3s, and 

  • Optimism Superchain

If you’re looking to spin up your own chain with any of these frameworks, you simply cannot miss this event! Explore different approaches to scaling and their frameworks for building modular, high-throughput, and low-cost blockchains.

Explore how different teams and rollup customers are building on these L2 stacks, and how others are enabling you to get to production as soon as possible with Rollup-as-a-Service solutions. Let's discover what the future of the modular and appchain ecosystem is going to look like, and how it improves the state of web3 today.

Hot Take Series is coming to a premier venue near you, a 10-minute walk from the DevConnect co-working space.

There are plenty of opportunities for hot takes! 👀

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