Cover Image for Eliminating manual data entry with Bardeen & SmartSuite integration
Cover Image for Eliminating manual data entry with Bardeen & SmartSuite integration
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Eliminating manual data entry with Bardeen & SmartSuite integration

Hosted by Ivan Escobar @bardeen & 3 others
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Manual entry is among the most painful things in Smartsuite.

Do you have to copy/paste data endlessly?

Do you wonder if there’s a better way?

We hear you. And in this event, we’ll show you how to eliminate those long hours copy/pasting information from the web into your Smartsuite systems.

In this exclusive community event co-hosted by Bardeen and Smartsuite, where you'll dive headfirst into how to use Bardeen + SmartSuite integration to boost your productivity and eradicate manual entry.

The event will have a featured guest, Avi, Head of Partnerships at Smartsuite, who will show you Smartsuite, and Ivan Escobar, who will guide you through scraping and automation capabilities with the magic of Bardeen.

Here's what we’ll cover in this event:

🆕 Discover Smartsuite: Avi will introduce you to Smartsuite's powerful solutions.

🚀 Discover Bardeen’s integration: Ivan will introduce the new SmartSuite integration and how you can build powerful automation with it, from scratch.

🪛 Learn how to scrape into Smartsuite: We’ll show you how to use Bardeen’s scrapers to save data from websites into Smartsuite.

📈 Live Demos and Use-Cases: Witness firsthand how Bardeen and Smartsuite integration can transform your workflow. We'll showcase real-world use cases, from automating your CRM to scraping valuable data from the web.

🧐 Interactive Q&A: Have burning questions about the integration? Our experts will be on hand to answer your queries and provide insights into making the most of Bardeen and Smartsuite.

Who is this event for?

This event is tailor-made for professionals who are determined to elevate their productivity and simplify their work lives.

If you're a bizdev, recruiter, project manager, data enthusiast, or someone who values efficient workflows, this event is designed with you in mind.

Don't miss this opportunity to join forces with fellow community members and explore the limitless possibilities of Bardeen and Smartsuite. It's time to put manual entry to rest and embrace the future of automation.

Save your spot today and let's unlock the full power of Smartsuite together! 🚀

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