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In this post, we will learn 5 basic principles of body language and tonality, to make you attractive to women. You have to pay close attention to these 5 principles, because most of us are usually unaware of our body language and tonality.


Let’s begin with posture: for women, an attractive posture would be something like this:

Men are attracted to women who are a bit shy and “weak”. They can be self-confident, but attractive women use feminine body language.

However, when it comes to men, the attractive posture is completely the opposite:

An attractive male posture is Taking Space, being wide. Many men don’t pay attention to their posture. Especially when they go to a nervous place such as a club or a bar.

So, at first,check your posture, and get used to having a masculine, full of confidence posture.

A masculine posture is what will make women notice you when you just enter the room. It immediately creates attraction, even before you approach.


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Being Calm And Relaxed

Being calm and relaxed is something difficult to visualize using pictures. It is something that you feel inside and is strongly connected to your inner confidence. Here are a few hints to help you feel calm and relaxed:

- Take some deep breaths and let your pulse get slower.

- Slow your movement. Don’t walk quicky over the place. Move your legs, your hands, your head – Slowly and Easily

- Forget about women, don’t look at tits and asses as you usually do. Talk to a friend, listen to the music, think about things that interest you (I am not only talking about a bar or a club).

Being relaxed will eventually make your tonality easier to control. Being stressed and breathing quickly is the main reason for talking too quickly.

Keep Your Head Up

This is another attractive masculine body language that you should use, and it conveys lots of confidence in a man. You need to look at the sky (or ceiling), just a bit higher that looking forward, as if you are watching an airplane far ahead in the horizon.

Low Masculine Voice

I am sure you perfectly know what a masculine voice is. But have you ever tried to work on your own voice to be more masculine? We are naturally born with our unique voice, but we can work and change it a bit. You just need practice.

Can you think of a person you know with a very masculine voice? If not, try the following video as an example:

What you need to do is sit in front of a mirror, preferrably with a sound recorder. And simple try to make your voice more masculine: a deep voice, as if it was coming deep from your lounges. Think about this – if you were a woman, would that voice sound attractive to you?

Don’t Talk So Quickly!

Men in general, tend to speak quicker than women. But in addition to that, fear and anxiety make us speak even quicker. There was one day, when a girl in a club told me “I can’t understand you, you are talking so fast!”, that I found out that this is a problem.

I doesn’t matter why you do it. In fact, men are usually visual, and their brain system is built in a way that they think quicker than they can talk – and that’s why they naturally speak quickly. However, in order to convey confidence, you have to make your speed of speech under control.

I doesn’t mean that you have to talk rediculosly slow either. What I did is to add a pause every 3-4 words, and I also made myself think before beginning a new sentance.

A great benefit of this is that you will have much more time to think what to say. To “generate topics”, just by making your speech slower.

So far, this is not too much information, right? Just 5 basic principles. Be sure that you remember to implement and use them.


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