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Rouge River Investor Rafting Trip

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The Rogue River is one of the original eight Wild and Scenic Rivers and one of the best river trips in the world. Located in Southern Oregon, the Rogue starts in the Cascades and flows to the Pacific and boasts some of the best wildlife, scenery and history. Considered one of the best family multi-day trips in the country, the Rogue is perfect for first-timers and skilled boaters alike.

The history of the Rogue River Valley is fascinating, and you can learn more about it by stopping at the Rogue River Ranch. The river got its name from French trappers who called the Native Americans "rogues" and called it the "River of the Rogues." Settlers later re-named it the Rogue River. In the 1920s and 30s adventure writing was becoming a popular form of entertainment, and Zane Grey made a retreat home along the banks of the river and referred to his wild adventures in much of his writing.

Perhaps the best part of the Rogue River canyon is the abundance and diversity of wildlife. You will most likely see Bald Eagles, you can find newts in almost all of the side creeks, and you're almost guaranteed to see a bear or two. Bears are more commonly seen in the lower part of the canyon and are often seen by careful observers along the riverbank but are rarely a problem.

This trip will be collaboratively catered by all of us and myself and Kyle will be our stalwart guides. This is not a commercial trip, instead come meet me and the team in out native environment. Journey with us into the wild and unplug for a few days of decompression, deep thinking and fun.