MIDWEEK February 2: Sara Garrard | Illumination



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Illuminating sacred texts is an ancient practice meant to encourage prayer or reflection on the texts in question. In this MIDWEEK, we will practice hand lettering and illustrating scripture or quotes, and then we will ponder the meaning of the texts we have chosen, and see what the artistic practice reveals to us.

Sara is the pastor at Old West Church. A south Georgia transplant, she comes from a long line of Methodist pastors. Her formal education includes an MDiv from the Emory University (2013) and a CTM from the University of Cambridge (2013). Her thesis analyzed the the redemption of women and sexuality in art as depicted in John. In 2019, she complete her Doctorate of Ministry, and her thesis dealt with reimagining space and churches for a more sustainable future. Sara is passionate about social justice and racial equity.

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