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From Theory to Tech: Harnessing the Power of Large Language Models for more than 9 Million Students

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About Event

​Join us for a transformative evening as we journey from the foundational theories of Large Language Models (LLMs) to their innovative applications in modern education tech.

Hosted by Lucas Hild & Gregor Weber, Co-Founders of Knowunity, and Matthias Plappert, Founder of dfdx labs // ex-OpenAI and Github, this event is tailored for the tech-savvy mind but promises insights even if you're new to LLMs and the education tech space.

Doors open at 18:30. Talks start at 19:00.

β€‹πŸ” Talk 1: Understanding LLMs - An introduction to modern language modeling
Dive into the captivating world of LLMs. This talk is designed to:

  • ​Provide an introduction to what LLMs are, the intricacies of their training, and offer a historical lens on the evolution of the renowned Transformer architecture.

  • ​Unravel technical concepts such as modeling language, tokenization, and the myriad architectures from Feed forward networks to Transformers.

  • ​Demystify in-context learning, meta-learning, and the phenomenon of prompting, alongside the significance and mechanics of reinforcement learning from human feedback.

  • ​… and much more

β€‹πŸ” Talk 2: Productising LLMs - A case study with more than 9 Million Students
Discover the story of Knowunity and how we build AI products. This talk is designed to:

  • ​Provide insights to how LLMs can be game-changers in education, diving into both their upsides and associated risks, along with countermeasures.

  • ​Learn about how the Gen-Z is already harnessing the power of LLMs in their everyday learning.

  • ​Dive into the lessons learned from testing, iterating and scaling Knowunity's LLM-based features to 9 million users, with a deep dive on our AI learning buddy

β€‹πŸ’‘ Who should attend?
Engineers and tech aficionados, particularly those with a keen interest in AI and EdTech, will undoubtedly find immense value in this event. However, even if you're not well-versed in LLMs or machine learning, our introductory talk ensures you're not left behind. If the fusion of education and technology excites you, this event is a must-attend!

β€‹πŸš€ Get ready for an evening of insights, innovation, and interactive discussions. Let's shape the future of education, together!