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Moving from Sales-Led to Product-Led Panel

Hosted by Pocus & Alexa Grabell
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Want real GTM advice from people who have "been there, done that"?

Join us for the next installment of a new series where we gather a diverse panel of GTM leaders to discuss a hot topic.

This month we're diving into the topic of moving from a sales-led to product-led GTM motion with experts from Guru, Vidyard, and DevRev, all of whom have made the transition or are currently making the shift and can share what they have learned.

About the panelists

Rob Falcone Senior Director of Product-Led Sales at Guru, author of bestselling Just F*ing Demo!, and early champion of all things Product-Led Sales.

Karishma Rajaratnam With over 8+ years of B2B SaaS Marketing experience, Karishma now leads Growth Marketing initiatives at Vidyard.

Madhukar Kumar is currently Head of Growth at DevRev but prior to his new role he helped Nutanix transform their sales-led business to PLG as VP Product and Solutions Marketing.

Hosted by, Alexa Grabell, CEO & Founder at Pocus

Come ask the experts your burning 🔥 questions about how to start the process of moving from sales-led to product-led, how to get buy-in, measuring success, and more...