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โ€‹Want real GTM advice from people who have "been there, done that"?

โ€‹Join us for the next installment of a new series where we gather a diverse panel of GTM leaders to discuss a hot topic.

This month we're diving into the topic of moving from a sales-led to product-led GTM motion with experts from Guru, Vidyard, and DevRev, all of whom have made the transition or are currently making the shift and can share what they have learned.

โ€‹About the panelists

โ€‹Rob Falcone Senior Director of Product-Led Sales at Guru, author of bestselling Just F*ing Demo!, and early champion of all things Product-Led Sales.

โ€‹Karishma Rajaratnam With over 8+ years of B2B SaaS Marketing experience, Karishma now leads Growth Marketing initiatives at Vidyard.

โ€‹Madhukar Kumar is currently Head of Growth at DevRev but prior to his new role he helped Nutanix transform their sales-led business to PLG as VP Product and Solutions Marketing.

โ€‹Hosted by, Alexa Grabell, CEO & Founder at Pocus

โ€‹Come ask the experts your burning ๐Ÿ”ฅ questions about how to start the process of moving from sales-led to product-led, how to get buy-in, measuring success, and more...

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