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​Side Party for Hackers🧑🏻‍💻(Same location as the hackathon venue)

​Hey hackers, how's it going? 👋🏻 TAIKO( ) , a sponsor of ETHGlobal, Skyland Ventures( ) will host an after party for hackers who attended ETHGlobal Tokyo, produced by AKINDO( ).

​※This after-event is hosted by TAIKO, Skyland Ventures and managed by AKINDO.

​Make the hackers' interaction even more memorable by having a party at "Toranomon Yokocho", located in the next building as the hackathon venue.

​What is Toranomon Yokocho?

​Toranomon Yokocho is the hottest spot in Tokyo with 26 popular restaurants.

​Yokocho means street in Japanese. Creative people gather daily in Toranomon Yokocho and collaborations are born to create the next future.

​It is located on the 3rd floor of the Toranomon Hills building where ETGlobal Tokyo will be held. The hackathon will end at 18:00, so come and enjoy the after-party at Toranomon Yokocho afterwards.

​All hackers and stakeholders who build at ETHGlobal Tokyo are invited for free!

​Place: Sake Shokudo Toranomon Distillery
※The most popular and most spacious restaurant in Toranomon Yokocho!
Time:6-9pm 16th(Sun) April
Price: Free (all-you-can-eat and drink)
Capacity: 150
Due to capacity, approval is required. Only approved applicants will be allowed to attend the side party.

​※This after-event is hosted by TAIKO, Skyland Ventures and managed by AKINDO.

​Hosted by

​This after-party is presented by Taiko!!

​Taiko ( ) is building a decentralized Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup (Type-1 ZK-EVM).

​Taiko enables developers and users to experience Ethereum securely, with lower transaction fees, and without needing to consider any changes. Additionally, Taiko empowers a vibrant community of block proposers, provers, and node runners due to its decentralized design.




​Skyland Ventures ( ) is a venture capital fund focused on seed startup investments. "The Seed Maker. & Unlearning." is our mission, and we make equity and token investments that provide seed money to startups that will have a significant impact on the technology industry.


​Organized by

​The party is organized by AKINDO( ), a web3 hackathon platform.

​If you have any questions about this afterparty, you can ask them here on Twitter. We will update you with the latest information.



​ハッカーの皆さん、調子はどう?👋🏻 ETHGlobalのスポンサーであるTAIKO( )は、AKINDO( )がプロデュースするETHGlobal Tokyoに参加したハッカーのためのアフターパーティを開催します。





​ETGlobal Tokyoが開催される虎ノ門ヒルズビル3Fに位置します。ハッカソンは18:00に終了しますので、終了後は虎ノ門横丁でアフターパーティをお楽しみください。

​ETHGlobal Tokyoでビルドを行うハッカーや関係者は全員無料で招待されます!

価格 無料(食べ放題・飲み放題あり)

​Hosted by

​​This after-party is presented by Taiko!!

​Taiko ( ) は、分散型のイーサリアムと同等のZK-Rollup (Type-1 ZK-EVM)を構築しています。




​Skyland Ventures ( ) は、シードスタートアップ投資をメインに行うベンチャーキャピタル(VC)ファンドです。 “The Seed Maker. & Unlearning.”をミッションに掲げ、テクノロジー産業に大きなインパクトを与えるスタートアップへのシードマネーを提供するエクイティ投資・トークン投資を行っています。


​Organized by

虎ノ門横丁ハッカー祭はweb3ハッカソンプラットフォームのAKINDO( )が主催しています。

​このアフターパーティーについて質問がある方は、こちらのTwitterで質問してください。 フォローもお願いします!