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Panel Discussion: PKM Through the Lens of ADHD

Hosted by The BASB Team
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In this panel discussion, our speakers will explore...

  • What productivity and personal knowledge management look like through the lens of ADHD

  • How strategies for the average person don't necessarily work for folks with ADHD

  • Helpful tips and alternative strategies for people with ADHD (or suspected / undiagnosed)

About the speakers:

Marie Poulin (Notion Mastery)

Marie teaches business owners to level up their digital systems, workflow, and knowledge management processes using Notion.

She’s the co-founder of Oki Doki and creator of Notion Mastery, an online program and community that helps creators, entrepreneurs and small teams tame their work + life chaos by building life and business management systems with Notion.

Find out more about Marie and her work here:

Jesse J. Anderson (ADHD Creative)

Jesse is a writer, designer, developer, and maker of things. He writes about ADHD and has a weekly ADHD newsletter called Extra Focus. He is also writing a book called Refocus: A Practical Guide to ADHD.

Find out more about Jesse and his work here:

Bryan Jenks (Youtuber)

Bryan is an Information Technology Associate with the California State Government, a Business Owner, and a Content Creator. He explores new technologies, creates tools for others, talks about living with and managing ADHD, and aims to inspire constant learning and development.

Find out more about Bryan and his work here:

About the moderator:

Karaminder Ghuman (Building a Second Brain Mentor & The “Creator Genius” Guy)

Polymathic creator who loves lighting fellow creators on fire by showing them how to stop working against themselves and learn how to work with themselves.

Find out more about Karaminder and his work here:

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