Cover Image for Autonomous Worlds Gathering
Cover Image for Autonomous Worlds Gathering

Autonomous Worlds Gathering

Hosted by Chaal Pritam & Kaushik
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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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Note: The event is Cancelled

​Enter the Autonomous Worlds, Gathering!🥂 🥂

​🎉About the event 🎉

​This informal gathering for creators and builders in autonomous worlds and blockchain gaming is organized by MovetheBlock.

​We warmly welcome all interested in blockchain gaming and autonomous worlds to attend - creators, investors, and enthusiasts.

​Leading contributors will host roundtable discussions, game playtesting sessions, and open dialogue.

​This is a chance to gain first-hand insights into fully on-chain gaming, projects expanding the AW narrative, and the builders behind them.

​Refreshments, beverages, and networking with fellow attendees will be provided. 🥃 🥐

​Come join us for an immersive autonomous worlds experience!

🎙️ Event Schedule 🎙️

​Will be updated later.

🌐 About Organizer 🌐

We explore the evolution from on-chain games to autonomous game worlds and expand the ecosystem across India.

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Bengaluru, Karnataka