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I'm hosting a virtual get-together with a group of selected guests - all Awesome People, with the intent to create connections and conversations that matter and create magic!

​This is NOT a boring old "networking" event, but rather an opportunity to meet new friends and deepen connections with old ones. In fact, you could say it's "making networking human again!" (sound familiar?)

​It's also an opportunity to get out of your head and into your heart, have fun, laugh more than you thought possible (and if you're like me, cry too), learn something new about yourself or someone else...or just sit back and enjoy the ride!

​As a result of our last events:

​- New connections were forged between awesome people
- ​Many podcast guest appearances and new guests for podcasters resulted
- ​New business was done as a result of the connections
- ​JV opportunities were initiated

​Are you up for meeting fabulous and fascinating people, having deep conversations, creating new and deeper connections and generally just great fun?

​Then register for the event and join us on the day.

I look forward to hosting you soon!




Felix Cao
Steph Fuccio
Althea Bronosa
Iggy Perillo

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