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Authenticity-by-Design: Fall Seminar Series

Hosted by Starling Lab
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In an age of mis/disinformation and generative artificial intelligence, how can we design new tools and systems to reduce information uncertainty, increase security, and restore trust in digital content?

The Starling Lab for Data Integrity, co-founded by the Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering and USC Shoah Foundation, has been exploring these questions across three practice areas: journalism, law and history.

This series will be an opportunity to talk about using advances in applied cryptography (hashes, digital signatures, anchoring & timestamping) and decentralized storage in database implementation. We will be focusing on new patterns and designs for collections of data (databases) that are distributed, and provide capabilities beyond the single-owner, centralized databases that are widely used today.

You may attend any or all of the events at Stanford University or online. There are no prerequisites.

  • CAPTURE: New Tools to Establish Trust on October 31 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm  PT. Stanford University, Green Library, Hohbach Hall 122. Session intended for the general Stanford community of cross-disciplinary professors, fellows, and students.

  • STORE: Authenticated Databases" on November 7, at 12:00pm to 1:00pm  PT. Stanford University, Paul Allen Center, 101X. Session intended for a more technical audience, bring together people developing similar technologies who want to exchange ideas

  • VERIFY: Applications for Authenticity" on December 5. at 12:00pm to 1:00pm  PT. Stanford University, Allen 101 Linvill. Session intended for the general community of cross-disciplinary practitioners, researchers, students, and tech industry.

These sessions will provide an early glimpse at material from the upcoming winter quarter class EE292J: “Designing for Authenticity."

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