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What Authentic Self-Care Means To You

Hosted by Shift Collab
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Self-care has become a culturally popular topic. It's common to see people commenting about self-care on social media and in casual conversations, but what does self-care actually mean? 

Self-care can look different to everyone. It doesn't necessarily mean taking a bath or doing some exercise - those activities might end up feeling like work to some people. You might think you're practicing self-care but still feel exhausted or burnt out and not know why. 

In this webinar session, Shift Therapist Brittany Tranter will discuss how to identify the ways self-care works best for you to then understand how you can put your personal authentic self-care into practice.

By the end of this workshop, you will have the skills needed to:

  • Understand more about yourself and your needs in regards to self-care

  • Understand self-care as a subjective concept rather than a buzzword or simple term.

  • Learn to identify and reflect on self-care practices that are authentic to self and personal lifestyle.

  • Better identify stress, anxiety and burnout as it comes up, and the tools needed to prevent and manage these thoughts and feelings with self-care.

  • Be more self-compassionate.

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