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Authentic Collaboration with Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit

Hosted by Cat Johnson
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On Monday, April 17, the Park City Marketing Club will gather to learn about authentic collaboration with Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit from Activ8.

Authentic Collaboration - On Purpose for a Purpose

Step into the unknown, into discomfort, to connect, learn and take effective action together.

Learn how an authentic collaboration empowered a collection of individuals to come together to achieve a seemingly unattainable result. A story of untapped human potential will guide the way.

Explore intentional practices that inspire people to align around a purpose, commit to contribute and continuously learn.

Trust reveals itself as the engine for collaboration, allowing us to break barriers and collectively achieve new possibilities together.

About Erik and Moira

Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit cofounded Activ8 in 2010 to support healthy high performing communities.

They believe that untapped potential lives in us all, and often it is current limiting beliefs and fears that get in the way of what is possible.

Together they bring a rich mix of knowledge and experience that support coaching, connecting and engaging families, teams and communities.

Their experience with their unborn son’s diagnosis brought those tools alive in their own lives, which they now speak and write about.

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