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Austin BizOps Meetup

Hosted by Jake O'Shea & Umar Brimah
This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
About Event

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Welcome to Austin BizOps, a monthly hangout for operations enthusiasts and automation buffs deep in the heart of Texas. We get a kick out of making things run smoother, faster, and more efficiently. We're a group of operators at all kinds of businesses and across roles with one thing in common - we automate away as much of our non-core tasks as possible.

We are committed to sharing ideas, insights, tips, and best practices on how to streamline operations, automate processes, and overall, squeeze the most juice out of the day with the least amount of effort. We love to challenge the status quo, uncover hidden inefficiencies, and craft elegant solutions that make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Whether you're an experienced operator, a startup founder, a project manager, a developer automating your tasks, or just someone who appreciates well-designed processes, Austin BizOps has something for you.

Each meetup, a member will present one high-leverage automation, process, or framework they have found helpful in making their work or personal lives easier.

If you're ready to plug into a network of like-minded efficiency enthusiasts who are serious about making work simpler and life better, come join us at Austin BizOps. Let's help each other work smarter, not harder, and have a good time doing it.

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