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AUA about Mid-Life with Sari Botton and Maggie Smith

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A live Ask-Us-Anything on Substack featuring Sari Botton and Maggie Smith.

Join Sari and Maggie on Friday and ask them anything about how they're writing their own scripts for moving through midlife.

Living creative lives, boasting several tattoos each, poet/memoirist Maggie Smith and writer/editor Sari Botton are two Gen Xers moving through midlife differently than the women in their families who came before them. At 46, Smith—who writes the For Dear Life newsletter—thinks of herself as a nesting doll, carrying all the earlier versions of herself at once, and trying "to honor and make space for all of the people I’ve been." At 58, Botton very much relates to this, and writes often about feeling internally 10 and a half, or 15, or 35—feelings that gave birth to Oldster Magazine and its popular weekly Questionnaire, which Smith responded to in April.

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