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Cover Image for ATOMDenver²
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About Event

The ATOMxyz series is returning to where it all began: Denver, USA.

ATOMxyz is a series of global events aimed at spreading awareness about the Cosmos ecosystem, the internet of blockchains. These events usually include meet-ups, mini conferences, and hackerhouses. The first-ever ATOMxyz event took place in Denver in early 2022, and since then, we and the broader Cosmos community hosted 15 events in major crypto hubs worldwide, such as Berlin, Dubai, Istanbul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangalore.

ATOMDenver² is set to be the biggest ATOMxyz event yet. In collaboration with our supporters and partners, Akash Network, Secret Network, Polymer, Soarchain, Strangelove, Zellic, KYVE, Agoric, cheqd, Passage, Noble, Comdex, ZetaChain, Inter Protocol, Warden Protocol and Archway, we're co-hosting ATOMDenver², which is going to be a full-day event. Expect engaging panels, insightful keynotes, a fun gameshow, delicious food, and plenty of refreshments!

Come join us to discover the Cosmos ecosystem and its powerful tech. Whether you're an industry pro, enthusiast, or just getting started in crypto, ATOMDenver² is the perfect chance to dive into the Cosmos, gain valuable insights, and kickstart your journey in the Cosmos ecosystem.

We are looking forward to meet you in Denver!


12:00 PM Doors Open

1:00 PM GM, Denver! - by Adam Wozney (Akash Network) & Juri Maibaum (Cosmoverse)

1:15 PM Interchain Liquidity Rush & building Cross-Chain DeFi Applications - with Jelena Djuric (Noble), Fabian Riewe (KYVE), Griffin Anderson (Archway), Jack Zampolin (Strangelove) | Mod.: Sunny Aggarwal (Osmosis)

1:40 PM Crypto 🤝 AI - with Greg Osuri (Akash Network), Harry Matharoo (Soarchain), Lex Avelino (Passage) | Mod.: Alex Zaidelson (Secret Network)

2:05 PM The DePIN Panel - with Greg Osuri (Akash Network), Harry Matharoo (Soarchain), Fabian Riewe (KYVE) | Mod.: Juri Maibaum (Cosmoverse)

2:30 PM Big Agoric Announcement - by Dean Tribble (Agoric)

2:45 PM IBC Summit Panel - with Peter Kim (Polymer), Carter Woetzel (AADAO), Josh Bowen (Astria), Rushi Manche (Movement Labs), Scott Sunarto (Argus)

3:10 PM Crypto Gaming & Decentralized Identities - with Lex Avelino (Passage), Lisa Loud (Secret Network), Fraser Edwards (cheqd) | Mod.: Chjango

3:35 PM How (Not) to Build an Appchain - by Stephen Tong (Zellic)

3:50 PM Cosmos Governance: A Bug or a Feature? - with Jack Zampolin (Strangelove), Griffin Anderson (Archway), Ross Power (cheqd) | Mod.: Patrick Apirori (Anoma)

4:15 PM The Future is Omnichain - Siddarth Patil (Comdex), Vincent Kersuzan (Warden Protocol) Alex Kim (Zetachain) | Mod.: Thalita Franklin (Chorus One)

4:40 PM Happy Hour

6:00 PM Dinner

8:00 PM Afterparty

11:30 PM Doors Close

Bluebird Theater
3317 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206, USA
Hosted By
985 Going