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We're mid-way through Drawtober! Join us in a fun ask me anything session with Discord's Art Team!

Learn about Kelsey, Alina, and Justin's journies as artists, their favorite projects, what they learned along their career adventures, and what you'd like to hear. You may also submit questions for them on Luma!

🎃 About Drawtober

Drawtober is a fun, 4-week-long art challenge with the Design Buddies community and the Discord Design Team. Each week will be its own mini-contest with a theme hosted in the Design Buddies Discord. All art mediums are welcome and we're excited to see your artwork!


🐰 About our speakers

Alina Buevich (she/her) is a Russian-American designer and illustrator based out of Berkeley, CA. Currently working at Discord and formerly a brand designer at Chronicle Books, she enjoys the small joys in life, like smuggling snacks into a movie theater or watching the garden rats via night vision camera.

Connect with Alina: Portfolio


Kelsey Borch is an illustrator, designer, printmaker, and educator working out of Chicago, USA. They started working as an Illustrator at Discord in 2021 after working at a print shop, freelancing, and teaching in Kansas City. They love dogs and reading strange things on the internet.

Connect with Kelsey: Instagram


Justin is an illustrator and art director currently leading the team of illustrators at Discord. He enjoys gardening, a good beer, and dungeons and dragons.

Connect with Justin: Dribbble


​​Host: Grace Ling is a designer, community builder, artist, runner, speaker, and content creator. By day, she is a Designer at Electronic Arts. By night, she is the Founder & Design Lead of the Design Buddies community.

In the recent past, she designed and developed virtual reality games to train surgeons and to make education fun. She also studied bioengineering and computer science engineering in college before making her way into design.

​​Connect with Grace: LinkedIn | Instagram (self) | Instagram (art) | Twitter | Portfolio


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