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Archway & Frens @ EthCC Paris 2022

Hosted by Emmanuel Aremu, jess salomon & Kyle Krasicky
Past Event
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​Join Archway & Frens during EthCC Paris at the legendary Sacre club.

You will be welcomed with an Aperol Spritz to start your evening. After that, the night will be a perfectly blended mix of you meeting exciting people, enjoying a great ambience, plus having your share of food and fine beverages.

Ticketed event. No ticket, no entry.

​Please RSVP and arrive early to ensure your entry to the party - we have a strict capacity limit.


  • 6pm-7pm: Welcome Drinks + Connecting 🤝

  • 7pm-7:30pm: “Multichain Future” Panel + Q&A featuring Connext & Figment 🗣️

  • 7:30pm-9pm: Connecting + DJ 🎚️

  • 9pm-10pm: Full DJ set 🕺


  1. ​What are the vibes?
    Positive people, affirming, supportive and world-changing good vibes.💫

About Archway

Archway is a smart contract platform that rewards developers. Designed for flexible development and easy deployment to Cosmos, Archway enables scalable cross-chain dApps that reach as many users and assets as possible.

About Figment

Figment provides infrastructure, research and application layer solutions for web3. Plus, institutional staking on 50+ PoS networks.

About Connext

Connext powers fast, secure bridging between blockchains and L2s for composable, trust-minimized value.

About Nomad

Nomad is an optimistic interoperability protocol that enables secure cross-chain communication.