Cover Image for BL 2024 & TOKEN2049 VIP Side Event at villa near Five Palm by
Cover Image for BL 2024 & TOKEN2049 VIP Side Event at villa near Five Palm by
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BL 2024 & TOKEN2049 VIP Side Event at villa near Five Palm by

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Dubai, Dubai
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About Event

FREE TICKET - gives a pass only on the 18th. On the 17th is a closed event, we can only let you in by tickets ($200).

VIP TICKET - gives a pass for 2 days on the 17th and 18th.

🔥 🔥🔥 Welcome to the VIP event by in Dubai, which will take place on April 17-18 at a three-story villa in the Five Palm area

We are holding the event the day after the Blockchain Life forum. Our goal is to gather everyone in one place for relaxation after major forums and create an atmosphere for your networking in an informal setting.

For this, we rented the largest villa in a landmark place in Dubai for 2 days. On April 17-18, we are holding a two-day side event for you at a luxurious 3-story villa with a pool, food, drinks, and unlimited hookahs! There will be no random guests here, only VIP guests and active clients of the service.

👥 Brief overview of our participants:

  • Traders with a capital of more than $5 million

  • Owners of Tier-1 crypto funds and Largest exchanges

  • Successful ArbitrageScanner clients who have left P2P arbitrage and started engaging in inter-exchange arbitrage are ready to share their experience with you.

Join our chat, where you can find location of events, communicate with top of the market, make acquantances and discuss ways to earn:

❗ This is a closed event for the leaders of crypto market and clients of the service, which you cannot visit easily. We select the applications of each participant so that our event is exclusive and, most importantly, useful for our clients. The top players in the crypto market will gather here, with whom you can personally communicate and get a lot of insider information.

We will hold discussion sessions for you to show and analyze topics personally, such as how the service’s clients earn on the arbitrage scanner, examples of income of $10,000 per day. We will analyze the direction in the crypto sphere, on which you can increase your capital. And we will show in practice how our clients do it.

After the official part, we have prepared an afterparty for you. During the afterparty, VIP clients will have access to food, alcohol, and hookahs, as well as unforgettable relaxation in a three-story villa in the most luxurious area of Dubai. All this is absolutely free if you are a client of our service.


How do you get in❓

🔺 Free Pass

Free tickets can only be obtained after personal approval by the ArbitrageScanner team. If you just registered but did not get approval - you will not be allowed at the participant registration. We will check absolutely everyone. If you can be useful to the event or our product - leave an application, write how you can be useful and we will consider the possibility of your presence at our event.

🔺VIP Pass 

$200 EARLY BIRD PRICE. The number of VIP tickets is limited, so be sure to book your ticket in advance. The closer the date of the event, the fewer places and the higher the price. For this price, you get a month of using our range of products, on which you can earn, as well as absolutely all the features of the event for free.

Any questions left, or want to be approved faster? Contact us on Telegram —

🧭 Which villa will the event take place at?

The location is hidden and only after approval and payment of the subscription to the service we'll send you the location of the villa. We will have leaders of the crypto industry, so this time we are making a chamber VIP event.


ArbitrageScanner Events 

​It is a series of events around the world where the brightest representatives of the crypto industry gather for networking and communication. We have no presentations or ticket sales; our goal is to bring everyone together on a single platform to socialize and relax after a major event.

Please register to see the exact location of this event.
Dubai, Dubai
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