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Aquadac (Aqua Fractal Meetings)

Hosted by Aquarius Academy
This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
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TLDR; To participate, you'll need to post your season's goals somewhere public online

These goals should be centered on this season's theme Rebirth, whether on a aspect of self-realization, professional life, personal life, etc.

  1. Basic Info (Required)

    • Real Name or Alias

    • Where your from (Nation / City)

    • Associated Projects - What are you working on?

    • Contact - Favorite social or contact information (that can be made public)

  2. What is being reborn in your life work projects (Required)

    • Share the VISION - the end goal of your rebirth

  3. What needs to “die” for this rebirth to occur?

  4. How can you measure the “death” in your rebirth

    • 1-3 metrics

  5. How can you measure your Rebirth and growth after rebirth

    • 1-3+ metrics

Use this to copy / paste

1. About Me / Contact

Contact + Socials:

2. I'm being Reborn in / Rebirthing: 

3. For this to be reborn, I'm letting go of: 

4. I'll know I've let go enough when:

5. I'll know there's new growth when I see the following completed:

6. I'll feel complete in my rebirth when: