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We believe that by bringing people together to focus on a common desire, the effects are not only multiplicative by the number of people, but are exponential. We gather weekly to grow towards our goals.

Aquadac is a weekly personal development Zoom gathering.

  • 15 minute landing zone / free discussion

  • Roundtable share for 3-5 minutes on what you did last week

  • Roundtable on up to 3 goals for next week

  • Weekly win

  • Open discussion

We support each other towards goals, and rank each other’s progress. Seasons last 12 weeks and connect members under a common theme each member incorporates into their journey. 

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How it works: Register on this page + show up on Zoom for 1 hour 20 minutes each Tuesday at 16:00 GMT. After you've written your goals, which you can do before, you will get a few minutes to talk about your progress in the previous week. Everyone does this, and then we score how we think people did. 

In season three we introduced a brainstorm concept where we take time to allow a focus on a topic, and facilitate knowledge sharing. 

Receive NFT and token gifts on WAX blockchain, with no requirement of monetary investment of any kind.

Register now if you are prepared to yourself to weekly meetings at this time + Aquadac for Season 4.

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