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👋 Hey everyone!

Ilze here, I'm taking over the organization of Riga Notion Meetups from Alex, and I would love to have one more event before summer holidays. Unfortunately, many of you couldn't attend the last one due to a last-minute national holiday.

So, let's make it happen this time for June 16th! 🔥

After the success of previous sessions and the high level of interest, we want to continue the tradition of having a guest speaker who can inspire us with their Notion setup ✨

Carol Väljaots, a video editor and agency owner from Estonia, will present both her professional and personal setup for her video editing workflow and food preparation. The same systems can be applied to other projects, making it valuable for everyone.

P.S. It's mind-blowing what she has created 😱

Afterwards, we'll have pizza, snacks, and networking (don't worry, I'll make it easy for everyone).

This event is perfect if you want to:

  1. Discover Notion's potential and the opportunities it presents. Keep all your notes and tasks in one place, manage your work, and become more organised and productive.

  2. Connect with like-minded people and hone your networking skills. The Notion community is made up of professionals from various backgrounds, enthusiasts with diverse interests, and generally curious and passionate individuals.

  3. Attend an event that continuously draws a crowd 💛

Be sure to invite your friends! 😊