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Embracing Excitement: Self-Care Circle for Remote Workers

Hosted by Kim Gorchs
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Too often we focus on what brings us down, all the things that need "fixing": We are not taking enough time off, we don't eat healthily, we don't move enough... BUT - what if we focused on what excites us? Let's dive into the heart of what gives our life a sense of excitement - together in this self-care circle. Also because... Excitement can have us feeling nervous or happy, it can manifest in different ways. What shall it be for you this time around? This will be fun!

This self-care circle is for remote workers to come together. We will ease in with an Instinctive Meditation practice, then take time to journal with prompts relating to the topic. There will be time to share (totally optional) and then we will integrate the practice with a 45-min easeful Yoga session (all levels welcome). Bring a yoga mat, a journal, and an open heart.