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How to Grow Your Food & Beverage Brand from $200K to $1M in Sales

Hosted by Queens Tech + Innovation Challenge
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Are you a passionate Food & Beverage entrepreneur bootstrapping your business? Have you been selling for a few months or years but haven't reached significant growth? Join us for an exciting workshop with the Tiktok star Dulma Altan who will share practical content and brand strategies and discuss how to translate those to short-form video for growth.

Dulma is known for being the the “Professor of TikTok B-School,” she has accrued a fanbase of over 100k followers on the platform, thanks largely to her popular “Brand Breakdowns,” which offer thorough case studies on today’s top DTC and women-led brands—topics she explores in even more depth on her hit podcast, Due Diligence With Dulma

This workshop is part of the 2024 Queens Tech + Innovation Challenge online workshop series. Participants will have a chance to win a $20K grant for their startup businesses. Applications are due March 1, 2023. Learn more at