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Masterclass on EB-1A Profile Building (ft. Anu Ramakrishnan)

Hosted by Team Unshackled
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[This Masterclass is hosted as part of the Unshackled club, an exclusive online community for O-1/EB-1/NIW aspirants with ~250 members.]

Are you a Product Manager, a Program Manager, TPM, EM, a Business leader or in Tech Leadership?

Are you tired of the constraints faced with the H-1B visa and EB2 green card, and want to take charge of your path to obtaining a green card?

Are you hesitant to take the first step towards your EB1A journey because you don't have a PhD or citations to your credit? Then this is the event for you!

In this comprehensive masterclass, you will have the opportunity to learn how to start building towards a stellar profile by learning:

  • How to position your industry expertise for the EB1A and develop a strong profile niche

  • How to tackle the 10 criteria by understanding which ones may be within and outside of your reach.

  • How to map your work experience as well as any additional profile merits you may have towards the criteria and assess gaps

  • And finally, how to build your own strategic roadmap to build towards a competitive EB1A profile

About the speaker: Anu is a badass Product Manager with a focus on solving some of the nation's most challenging consumer problems in healthcare through software applications, connected devices & IoT. In 2020, fearing that she might be let go from her job, Anu began her journey to file an EB-1A, wanting to take matters into her own hands.

After spending less than a year building her profile, she got her green card on hand in early 2022. Come hear the backstory behind her success, and how you can also build your profile to reach the end goal! 

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