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Personal Annual Review Workshop 2022

Hosted by Vensy
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​The annual review is a key step to ensure you are planning your time and focusing on the right things. This workshop is intended to help you reflect on your last twelve months, identify what worked and what didn't, visualize your ideal 2023, and plan to achieve your goals more effectively this year.

​Why do a Personal Annual Review?

  • ​Pausing to reflect on your life will help you to uncover patterns, identify areas for improvement and accelerate your personal growth.

  • ​It might make you happier. Gratitude has been the subject of countless studies, and simply becoming aware of things you're grateful for can boost how happy you feel.

  • ​Boost your sense of self-agency. See what you achieved and how your choices have influenced where you are now. Take this momentum to tackle your next goals.

  • ​It combats the end-of-history illusion - our assumption that who we are right now is who we will remain for the rest of our life. But once you look back at the past year and realize how much you've changed, you gain the perspective that

  • ​It allows you to look at your habits, routines, and systems. What works - and what doesn't? Where do you need to adjust?

  • ​If you don't pause to look at your map and where you are right now, all your other improvements might just lead you to the wrong place faster.


​A live Zoom workshop with 90 minutes of guided instruction and a Personal Annual Review worksheet.