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Art of Scaling Communities with Ankur Misra

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Ankur Mishra is an Indian entrepreneur - Founder of Kavishala and Foreantech, and author of seven books - Love still flirt, Quitting should not be an Option, Let's be alive Again, Unexpected Promises, Kshanik Kahaniyo Ki Virasat, Nai Kitab, Addiction. He started his career as an IT professional.

Ankur Mishra was born in Sumerpur, Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh where he spent his childhood days. He completed his schooling at Bharti Shishu Mandir, Sumerpur. He received a Bachelor of Technology in computer science engineering from ITS Engineering College (UPTU). Then he moved to Gurgaon and started his professional journey. He did his Entrepreneurship certification from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He was working at Urbanclap when he decided to become a full-time entrepreneur and author.

Ankur's debut book is based on a real-life incident when he met a girl, how his one-sided romance flourished, and then how it came to an unfortunate end before he could propose to her. His all books are connected to his life, he describes every situation of his life through books and poetry.

Ankur Mishra ventured into the Digital content platform in the year 2017 with Kavishala. He has single-handedly spearheaded many digital marketing technology platforms and currently is the Founder/ CEO of Foreantech (started in 2017). Foreantech is a services-based venture - A startup for startups.

If this is not enough Ankur also educates his community, gives TED Talks and technical talks. Ankur speaks as a grassroots expert on politics, technology, and society, and has been a part of numerous seminars. At the end of it, all Ankur has to say is “If I, a predominantly Hindi speaker, can now speak on big stages, write books, blogs and more on such a wide level, anyone can. Alone in an alien city, with barely enough funds to keep me fed, I survived so can you.