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A Tour Through the Vagus Nerve

Hosted by Institute for Vocal Advancement
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About Event

Join Andrew Byrne for a tour through what is arguably the most important nerve for singers to understand, the vagus nerve. Beyond the vagus’ function in controlling the larynx, there are many other incredible ways to interact with the vagus that can be harnessed for maximum vocal control.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in the course:

  • How to use the four nuclei of the vagus nerve to improve vocal outcomes

  • What is the “brain toilet”? Learn to use neck stretches to clean yours out

  • How working with your skull and your ears can help calm you down and boost your immunity

  • Intra-oral techniques you can do on yourself to activate the vagus nerve

  • Three key vagal areas that can be activated with kinesio-tape

  • A simple torso stretch that your vagus nerve will love

About Andrew

Andrew Byrne is a voice teacher, vocal coach, composer, performer and music director. He is the creator of The Singing Athlete TM, a training program that applies functional neuroscience and athletic training to the voice studio. Andrew was twice named one of the “Favorite Vocal Coaches” in NYC Backstage Reader’s Choice Awards and is also a frequent contributor to their experts' column.