Cover Image for Dance into the Tech Ecosystem with Amela 🕺💃🏾

Dance into the Tech Ecosystem with Amela 🕺💃🏾

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About Event

Closing Mexico Tech Week in style

Get ready to embark on a journey of connection and fun at the Amela Dance Into The Tech Ecosystem event during the Mexico TechWeek 🇲🇽

💡 What is this about?

Immerse yourself in a vibrant oasis in the heart of the concrete jungle where technology and nature intertwine 🌱.

This event is designed to be a living, breathing space for the key players that fuel the Tech Ecosystem: Founders, Investors, and Ecosystem Builders.

The event capacity is limited to 50 people.

🎉 What should I expect?

  • 🌳A Lush Venue: Step into a venue that mirrors a lush jungle, adorned with an array of greenery and plants, reflecting the growth and vitality of our tech community.

  • 💃 Ecstatic Dance: Liberate your body and mind with an ecstatic dance session, allowing the rhythms to dissolve boundaries and spark creativity.

  • 🤝Relaxed Networking: After so many events, having time to relax and connect without an agenda can be refreshing. We'll include some dynamics along the way to foster meaningful connections among founders, investors and ecosystem builders.

🤔 How do I contribute to this ecosystem in the making?

  • By paying your entrance tickets, you are supporting us in our mission to create an ecosystem where all players get a fair shot at building an awesome company:

    • $300 MX for Founders

    • $500 MX for Investors and Ecosystem builders

See you there 💃