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How our enterprise company transitioned to remote in 12 months

AMA with Paul McKinlay, Head of Comms & Remote Working @ Cimpress & Vista

Paul leads corporate communications for the world’s leading mass customization business, Cimpress, as well as internal communications for its subsidiary, Vista, the expert design and marketing company for small businesses, together employing over 2100 remote-fist team members (15% of Cimpress and Vista’s total population) across 15 countries.

For the past two years, Paul has led their joint transition from being remote-averse to remote-forced and finally towards a remote-first model with great results:

  • 90% of their employees would recommend Cimpress/Vista for an outstanding remote work environment

  • Job applications have grown 300% since they went remote.

  • 63% of team members say working here feels like a masterclass in remote working that will help them for the rest of their careers.

"Our vision is to make how and where we work a towering strength of our culture and a competitive advantage. We’ve invested in a 7-person team dedicated to remote-first team member success and also formed a cross-functional remote leadership team focused on evolving and optimizing policies, practices, tools for our remote team."

He is ready for your questions! Ask Paul anything about:

1. What they’re doing to become a great company for their team members to come from.
2. The charter and responsibilities of a Remote-First Team Member Success team, including:
- Creating, from scratch, and managing a 100-day global remote onboarding program
- Learning & development tailored for remote team members
- Meeting culture, async communication, and knowledge management
3. How to give team members a seat at the table in designing the remote program.
4. Developing a remote strategy that can be scaled to other parts of the business with different operational needs.
5. Why in-person collaboration is a huge part of the remote-first vision, and how they’re evolving their real estate strategy and investing the savings in remote team member experience.

Let's get you transitioning to remote work with excellence.