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Cover Image for Chief of Staff Connect 2024
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Chief of Staff Connect 2024 is the first multi-day event exclusively for senior Chiefs of Staff. We’re bringing together 120+ select senior chiefs of staff from across industries and geographies for two days full of discussion, problem-solving, and fun. 

With this year’s theme – “Company Blueprints & Chief of Staff Toolkits” – our aim is to give you actionable takeaways on strategy and tactics, not just rose-colored-glasses stories and impractical theories. Planned sessions include: 

  • CoS Tell-All: How a CoS and CEO really work together 

  • The Perpetual Crisis: Anticipating and Managing the Unexpected

  • What We Learned from Superstar Founders

  • AI: How It’s Transforming Our Company

  • Hiring, Firing, and Promotions: The Tactical Steps Towards the Culture You Want

  • Strategic Planning: How to Make Annual Planning Not Suck

  • Data Analytics: Creating the Holy Grail Dashboard with Your Principal

  • CoS to Founder: How to Identify Ideas and Use Your Experience to Jumpstart Your New Company

This is not your cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all conference. You’ll choose which sessions are most valuable to you and most sessions will be highly interactive, with case studies, live problem-solving sessions, workshops, and discussions. 

You’ll leave Chief of Staff Connect armed with inspiration from the strategic sessions, actual playbooks from the tactical sessions, and a community of other senior Chiefs to continue the conversation long after the event is done. 

New York, NY, USA