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Creativity & Tech Collectors Cocktail for Frieze LA

Hosted by Manuela Seve & 5 others
Past Event
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Its's one year anniversary along with Frieze LA, so we're opening up our doors and showcasing art (physical and digital) and other projects that are revolutionizing engagement via web3!, Gaingels & Elf Juice are proud to invite you to a cocktail celebration! We'll be fostering an open conversation with Manuela Seve & David Ennio about using technology (web3) and creativity to create long lasting bonds within your community. With use cases for art, music, CPG and a lot more. is an enterprise Saas solution that enables businesses and creators to use web3 tools to solve for authenticity, resale and community engagement across industries.  And its our one year anniversary!!

Gaingels is amongst the largest investors in the world aiming to deliver consistently above-market returns, while increasing visibility, representation, and access for all underrepresented communities in venture capital.

Elf Juice is a creative studio specializing in product imagineering, sonic branding, and strategic partnerships. We are industry leaders in web 3 activations, helping clients navigate new cultural and business landscapes by generating unique experiences and connections.

The goal of CasperPunks is to foster a larger community around dynamic NFTs and showcase some of the core technology for use on the Casper Network and then as rapidly as possible open source the technology that will be created as part of CasperPunks and make it available to the community to utilize or add benefit to their own project. Beyond the initial launch and yearlong roadmap, the longer-term goal of CasperPunks is to make the project a community led DAO initiative and platform for continuous creative innovation allowing CasperPunk holders to decide the future roadmap possibilities and brand evolution.