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Inner Journey to Hidden Treasure with the Aloka Vihara Nuns

Oct 17 (Sun), 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time (+2 more)
All proceeds go to SF Dharma Collective.


This is a multi-session event. Please select how you would like to join.
Oct 17 · Sun
8:30 PM
Nov 21 · Sun
8:30 PM
Dec 19 · Sun
8:30 PM
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The Aloka Vihara monastics practice the early Buddhist teachings, which offer a radical perspective on how best to turn our everyday challenges into energy for awakening. The monastics embrace and integrate the realities of contemporary society into their lives and teachings. Their practice emphasizes insight into the principles that are at work, internal to and external to our own bodies, hearts, and minds.

These teachings will explore the cooling insight practices of the Four Establishments of Mindfulness (satipatthāna) and the warming heart practices of the Four Immeasurables (brahmavihara). At each meeting the monastics will choose a responsive and timely theme from these frameworks to share and explore together.

  • 1:30pm intro, Refuges & Precepts

  • 1:45pm guided meditation

  • 2:25pm Dhamma talk (please turn your video off if you prefer not to be on the recording) followed by Q&A

  • 3:00pm closing with Blessing chant

Monthly on 3rd Sundays: May 16 (Ayya Santacitta) | June 20 (Ayya Dhammadipa) | July 18 | Aug 15 | Sept 19 | Oct 17 | Nov 21 | Dec 19  |

All proceeds go to SF Dharma Collective.