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all about love Book Group

Hosted by LJ Boswell
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A four-week exploration of love.

Reading the book is encouraged but not required for participation. 

"Most book groups are a conversation with the author's ideas. LJ creates a conversation about how the book speaks to each of our lives." 
~Sara Lewis, all about love book group participant

Join us as we use the book as a springboard to explore your own relationship to love with questions such as:

What keeps you from loving fully?

  • What were you taught about love?

  • Why do our everyday attempts of giving and receiving love often fail?

Free yourself to love more deeply

  • How can you love yourself in a way that brings peace and compassion
    to your personal and professional life?

  • How can we learn to love in a way that is sacred, redemptive and healing
    for ourselves and our nation?

"LJ created a dynamic of tenderness, quiet pacing and presence. In every session someone's sharing would brighten or expand my sense of connection to that well of love."      
~Cristina Garcia, all about love book group participant 

Cost - what you comfortably and generously can afford
Suggested rate for the 4 week series = $80  
Sliding scale = $25 - $150 
Please give what you comfortably and generously can!

Payments can be made via PayPal to, Venmo to LJ Boswell or via check. Please inquire about mailing address.

 LJ Boswell facilitates explorations at the intersection of spirituality & social justice. LJ is a queer, interfaith spiritual director, Quaker mystic and artist.

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