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Safe and robust smart contracts in ink!

Hosted by Aleph Zero
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Join Piotr Moczurad from Aleph Zero core development team and learn how to write smart contracts with added safety!

The workshop will be an introduction to safe smart contract development in ink! & Rust. We will take a look at the differences and similarities between ink! and Solidity, and work on creating PSP22 contract–the ERC20 equivalent in the Substrate world–focusing on type safety, showcasing how it makes for more robust contracts.

Along the way, we will introduce some basic blockchain and DeFi concepts and principles for safe development. This talk should be suitable for newcomers and seasoned developers, regardless of what smart contract language they use.

The concepts will be shown on Aleph Zero, a layer 1 blockchain with high scalability, low transaction fees, maximum security guarantees for developers, and Liminal–a privacy framework utilizing ZK-SNARKs and MPC.

Aleph Zero is a Proof-of-Stake layer 1 privacy-enhancing blockchain that ensures scalability, low transaction fees, and maximum security guarantees for developers.