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Building Research Ops with Airbnb's OG Ops Team: The Gang's All Back

Hosted by Lauren Gibson & 5 others
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The OG Research Operations team from Airbnb is getting back together to discuss how they built Research Ops at Airbnb from the ground up. 📈

During this 2-hour event we'll have both a panel and two breakout rooms to dive deeper into topics like scaling research and Research Ops, panel management, and participant recruitment.


💥 Panel Discussion (12-1 pm) 💥

🚪 Main Stage ➡️ The Airbnb Research Ops Story: 8 years in the making

💥 Breakout Rooms (1-2 pm) 💥

🚪 Room 1 ➡️ Wyatt & Eva discuss launching and scaling participant recruitment, rolling research programs, and panel management

🚪 Room 2 ➡️ Tim & Joey discuss building and scaling Research Ops practices, getting buy-in on Research Ops, and building an amazing team

🥁 Meet the OG Airbnb ReOps Team 🥁

Tim Toy, Research Operations Manager 🟡 Tim got his start in Research Ops at Adobe in 2007. He went on to build out Research Ops teams at Electronic Arts and Airbnb. After Airbnb, Tim turned his career to an IC path in Research Ops at Splunk and now is currently back at Adobe!

Eva Frieden, UX Research Operations 🟡 At Airbnb, Eva focused on the Participant Experience, supporting process improvements throughout the Recruitment Pillar; as the first ResOps hire at HelloFresh, Eva has built the ResOps Program from ground up, enabling research at scale as the Global UX Research Team has tripled in size!

Wyatt Hayman, Program Manager, Research Team 🟡 Wyatt joined Airbnb in 2015, starting as a Product Specialist before moving onto the Research team where he built out Airbnb’s International Community Panel to enable multilingual, global, and qualitative research. This eventually grew into a part of Airbnb’s newly formed Research Operations team. Since Airbnb, he’s built research ops programs for Adobe and currently manages Research Ops at Faire.

Joey Encarnacion, Program Manager, Experience Research Operations 🟡 Joey joined the Research Ops team at Airbnb after a long stint in the Trust & Safety space. He’s passionate about innovation and has carried that through his times at Airbnb, Slack, and now Twitch.