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House of Chaos is a new and innovative, tech-driven take on immersive and interactive theatre. It takes guests on a journey into futurism, privacy, truth, deception and wisdom where they use technological tools in ways they never have before.

​The event is hosted in a former multiplex cinema with a historical building at its core. The venue will be transformed with projection mapping and visual effects.

+ Live T-Shirt printing with one-time designs

+ Street Food by Daniel does food

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​OriginTrail Fact Checking Competition

The rise of AI creates unprecedented opportunities for progress but also amplifies the challenge of misinformation. OriginTrail drives discoverability and ensures origin of information to fight it.

​We can all agree that it is difficult to decipher the truthfulness and origin of some online content. With OriginTrail’s knowledge graph, information can be provided on the blockchain and verified.

​For this occasion, attendees will be able to sign up for a competition where they are presented with a variety of information from online sources. Groups will have to guess which data is true or false. Afterwards they check if the answers are correct with OriginTrail’s ChatDKG application. The ones with the most correct answers will win a prize. If you would like to sign up to the competition please fill out this form.

​VYBEZ Music Mixing

VYBEZ Is a music platform with an AI engine which enables ANYONE to create their own unique remixes of songs within the player. The installation will be equipped with projection mapping and lighting that reacts to the sound that guests are mixing.

​Additionally, everyone will be able to mint a unique NFT of a track on MoonBeam’s MoonRiver Chain. The NFT will also contain a visual, as the team went a step forward and also connected a visual engine to the player.

Participating Projects

KILT Protocol - Digital Identities

Users should be able to choose which data they share with online services. KILT Protocol is a blockchain for decentralised digital identities. The platform enables users to create these in a secure manner, ensuring data remains confidential and within the users ownership.

​At House of Chaos, guests will learn more in depth about decentralised digital identities and their practical use cases.

AMFORC - Staking Solutions

Are you familiar with the term “staking” or “Proof-of-Stake”? If so, AMFORC will take you back to the future with their gaming station so you can relax while they “handle the staking” for you.

​Guests will be able to stake directly at the venue with AMFORC validators via Nova Wallet.

​If you are not familiar with “staking” then the team will inform you all about this consensus mechanism that secures the Polkadot network.

Polkadot Governance

Governance is at the heart of Polkadot as it was designed to enable “forkless” upgrades. It allows network participants and those maintaining the network to vote with their tokens on the future of development, as well as treasury grants. It is one of the most advanced on-chain governance models in Web3.

​Guests will be able to vote on Polkadot proposals that are posted by the community on Subsquare.

Zeitgeist Prediction Markets

In a world of misinformation, truth and facts are priceless commodities. Using the incentive structure of Prediction Markets, the Zeitgeist protocol helps create signals of what the most likely scenarios will be in any given situation.

​Guests will be able to participate in prediction markets and learn how to create them.

AfterParty | The Blockspace Manifesto

​The challenge of civilization can be equated with the challenge of technology. The further we can push technology, the further we will push humanity. If we could push technology all the way back to the stone age, there would be no more society.

​WebZero invites to celebrate the parity of civilization and technology while being immersed in the blockspace.

Note: House of Chaos ticket also includes access to the after party.

Powered by Polkadot, KILT Protocol and AMFORC.


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About the organiser

WebZero is a community run event agency which emerged in Polkadot during Berlin Blockchain Week. Individuals from various teams successfully organised 4 events. Since then, the same team has hosted side events in the US(ETH Denver, Consensus) and Europe (Sub0, Decoded, BlockSplit) with the aim to raise awareness around Polkadot & other ecosystems, as well as bring the community together.