Cover Image for – AI "V" DAY: 5th full-day AI Event!
Cover Image for – AI "V" DAY: 5th full-day AI Event!
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Join us for AI "V" Day: our 5th full-day AI Event - the Unconference Edition!

Website Event Page w/ More Info:

This event will have a combination of pre-scheduled sessions, along with time for self organizing sessions in the style of an "unconference." Participants will have the opportunity to present thoughts, demo work, and lead discussions, based on a group process for voting on topics and dividing by available time.

Make sure to arrive at 11am to participate in selecting topics for the "Unconference" portion of the event.

If you're interested in Speaking, Sponsoring, or Partnering in some way, please let us know by fillign out this form:


  • ​11am – 12pm: Organize "unconference" sessions & networking.

  • 12pm – 6pm: AI Presentations and Interactive Discussions.

  • ​6-8pm: Drinks and Networking. 

    • Music by DJ A.F. Wilder

    • Broadway Studios has a new light art exhibition at their upstairs venue and we'll provide tours of the installation and the upstairs venue at this time.

Highlights include:

  • Special guest from Google Bard with some new Gemini integrations to share.

  • Apple Vision Pro unit(s) on hand and a workshop on “Brainstorming Spatial AI Accessories.”

Additional sessions include:

  • Empowering Everyone to Thrive in the Age of AI

  • How AI Unlocks Human Potential

  • Helping Developers Deploy and Fine Tune Easily

  • Another Manhattan Project for Humanity

  • and much more.

(For Low/No Income and Bootstrapped Founders. Must subscribe to Luma Calendar ( and follow on Linkedin ( or Twitter/X ( events are for developers, integrators, businesses, designers, and other professionals to explore how AI can be leveraged for practical solutions and increased efficiency – today and into the future.

We host speakers from top AI companies, as well as early stage companies gaining traction, for a full day of panels, presentations, demos, and connection. Exciting and interactive content ranges from the immediately practical to the theoretical, and spans areas of customer service, education, art & design, media & music, privacy & security, literature, health & longevity, financial services, renewable energy, politics & governance, the legal industry, and more.

You’ll meet a range of AI experts and innovators, gain insights that can help you craft and improve your AI strategy, and see how you can harness the latest developments in AI to be more effective, creative, and competitive.

Broadway Studios Venue
435 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA
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Building What's Next: AI Events Calendar