Cover Image for AIE.F After Hours #4
Cover Image for AIE.F After Hours #4
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This event marks another weekly gathering of the AI Engineer Foundation Bulgaria (AIE.F BG) community. It's a chance for you, all the bright minds, to network and share AI knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

And a few drinks as well. 🥂

​​​AIE.F BG is a community of AI engineers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, whose mission is to help Bulgaria develop and grow its AI engineering potential.

Barter Community Hub, bul. Cherni Vrah 47, Rooftop

​​​Participating in the community and future events will be always completely FREE.

​​Here's how it all started, told by our co-founder Yavor Belakov:

I just came back from a business trip to San Francisco and I'm mind blown!

​​Not by the state of tech but by the people. People in SF are participating in AI communities like crazy - meeting up all the time, and exchanging knowledge and experience. No wonder they are a few years ahead of everyone else. There are between 2 and 6 AI events you can choose from DAILY. The average week in Bulgaria has 0 AI events.

​​After coming back, I received this message:

​​Wanna be our first Chapter lead for AI Engineer Foundation's Bulgaria?

​​Sasha Sheng, Founder of AI Engineer Foundation (San Francisco)

​​I guess you see where this is going.

​​Yesssss - let's build a strong Bulgarian AI community.

​​Let's be up to date with the dynamically changing AI landscape.

​​And let's do it together - Bulgarian AI engineers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. Not alone but with the support of one of the most important communities in San Francisco - AI Engineer Foundation (endorsed by LangChain, Llama Index, AutoGPT, E2B, Postman).

​​We will be having an informal event (like this one) every week and a bigger event with keynotes, food and networking once a month.

​​See you there :)

Barter Community Hub
bul. Cherni Vrah 47, Rooftop, 1407 Промишлена зона Хладилника, Sofia, Bulgaria
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