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About Event

Startup Exchange is proud to host AI ATL, a 36-hour AI hackathon at Georgia Tech, and the first of its kind in the city of Atlanta.

We're proud to be sponsored by Google, Anthropic, Hugging Face, BCG X, NVIDIA, ATDC, The Home Depot, Drive Capital, Contrary, + more.

Join hundreds of builders in Atlanta for a weekend of hacking, insightful workshops, networking, and a Demo Day to celebrate Georgia Tech & Atlanta's first AI hackathon.

We support both beginners, and experienced builders.

​Tracks will be focused on generative AI, agents, and GPT-plugins. More info will be released soon.

​The hackathon officially kicks off on Friday, November 17, at 5pm at the Klaus Advanced Computing Building.

Current sponsors include Anthropic, Hugging Face, Google, Nvidia, BCG X, Drive Capital, and Home Depot.

Visit for more information.

sincerely, the Startup Exchange team 🚀

Registration deadlines

NOTE: Our application deadline has passed. The application will remain open, but participation is not guaranteed.

Early deadline: Friday, October 6

Regular Wave I: Friday, October 13

Regular Wave II: Friday, October 27.


Will AI ATL be fully in-person?
Yes, at Klaus Advanced Computing Building at Georgia Tech!

What tracks can we expect?
Tracks will be centered around generative-AI, agents, and GPT-plugins. More info soon.

What's the cost?
Admission is free and includes access to cutting-edge APIs & AI tools, mentors, workshops, $wag, resources, and an unforgettable experience!

Can I attend?
If you are 18+, a college student (undergraduate, graduate, and PhD) or recent graduate (1-2 years post-grad), then yes!

But I've never hacked or built with AI before!
No problem! AI ATL will feature both a beginner and experienced track to best fit your familiarity with artifical intelligence!

How do teams work?
Your team can have up to 4 people! You can select teammates when you register, and you can also form them during the actual event! However, hackers will be accepted on an individual basis.

What if I don't have a team?
Don't worry! We'll have team formation events at the beginning of the weekend geared towards helping you find people to work with.

PSA: You can also meet new people through our admitted hacker discord leading up to our event!