Cover Image for 📣 🎭 AI in Media & Entertainment Summit 🍿
Cover Image for 📣 🎭 AI in Media & Entertainment Summit 🍿
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📣 🎭 AI in Media & Entertainment Summit 🍿

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San Mateo, California
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​📣 Announcing the – AI in Media & Entertainment Summit! 🍿 🎙️ 📽️ 🎭 🔈 📺

​This is a 2-Day In-Person Event (with livestream available)

​The AI in Media & Ent. Summit explores AI’s capabilities today, and the promise AI holds for tomorrow. Meet and hear from industry leaders building today’s cutting edge tools, and the creators pushing these tools to their limits. See how AI is changing the landscape of how media is produced, distributed, and consumed; from marketing and social media, to narration and music, to mind-bending graphics and motion video, to immersive virtual worlds and gaming. This event will open your eyes and mind, and provide valuable insights into what’s possible. Confirmed speakers hail from companies such as Google, Amazon, Eleven Labs, Scale AI, Midjourney, Oculus, Leap Motion, Civitai, CyberFilm, Leia, UC Berkeley, and Stanford U (with more speakers & orgs announced daily).

​ has partnered with Draper University to host the event so more people from across the Bay Area can attend. The DraperU campus is just 20min from downtown SF, 15min from SFO, and easily accessible by mass transit. A ride board will also be hosted to encourage carpooling.

​Speakers & Schedule:

​For more info on ​speakers and programming, visit our webpage

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​What we’ll talk about:

  • ​AI Workflows

  • ​Storytelling

  • ​Image Generation

  • ​Motion Graphics

  • ​Music Creation

  • ​Speech Recognition

  • ​Voice Generation

  • ​Copyright & Intellectual Property

  • ​Deep Fakes & Authentication

  • ​Character Creation

  • ​Animation

  • ​3D Models

  • ​Virtual Worlds

  • ​Gaming

  • ​Film & Television

  • ​Marketing Strategy & Content

  • ​Social Media


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​ events are for creators, developers, integrators, businesses, designers, and other professionals to explore how AI can be leveraged for practical solutions and increased efficiency – today and into the future.

​ hosts speakers from top AI companies, as well as early stage companies gaining traction. Exciting and interactive content ranges from the immediately practical, to what's coming down the pike, and even the theoretical. Areas of focus can span art & design, media & music, privacy & security, literature, health & longevity, customer service, education, financial services, renewable energy, politics & governance, the legal industry, and more.

​You’ll meet a range of AI experts and innovators, gain insights that can help you craft and improve your AI strategy, and see how you can harness the latest developments in AI to be more effective, creative, and competitive.

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San Mateo, California
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