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AI for Business Workshop with Masha Titova, CMO of

Hosted by The 10th House by Female Founder Collective
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By now, we've all heard the saying, "AI is changing everything." But, how exactly is it changing the way we do business?

During this event, AI expert, Masha Titova is diving into how to:

  • Leverage AI to scale your business

  • Use AI to streamline operations + set up automated systems

  • Manage consistent content creation using AI

  • Develop an engaging content strategy using AI

By the end of this workshop, you'll know exactly what AI can and cannot do for your business.


Meet Masha, a powerhouse in the world of business and fashion. As the Founder & CEO of TITOV Lingerie and CMO of, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With over 10 years of experience in the luxury fashion industry, Masha has honed her skills in design, marketing, and brand building.

Masha's journey into the world of AI began when she realized the immense time-saving potential it held. While building her namesake brand, TITOV, she witnessed firsthand how AI could streamline processes and elevate efficiency. This pivotal moment inspired her to become an advocate for AI implementation in startups, recognizing its transformative power.

Now, Masha has seamlessly transitioned into the AI industry, actively supporting AI initiatives at As she lends her expertise to the team, she empowers founders and marketers to embrace AI and harness its potential. With Masha's guidance, they can unlock innovative solutions and revolutionize their marketing strategies.