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AI in Design

Hosted by Timothy Wijaya & 4 others
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San Francisco, California
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Make new friends in the design and AI space! Join us for networking, a series of lighting talks to share experiences, insights, and predictions about the future of AI in design. We are calling professionals and enthusiasts from various backgrounds – from AI researchers to founders and designers – to showcase the latest AI research, design tools, and practical applications of AI in design workflows.

We are opening this event to full-time designers, founders, investors, and folks working in tech.


1:00 Networking & making new friends

1:30 Intro about Pebblebed, Krea, Design Buddies, and Skilldeck with an AI in design live demo

2:00 Lightning talks

2:30 Group photo and then more fun networking & making are friends


More to come!

Banner illustration by Grace Ling (not by AI)

This event is brought to you by Krea, Design Buddies, Skilldeck, and Pebblebed 🙌

About Krea

​​Krea is building an AI-powered design tool that runs on the browser.LLMs + LIMs open the door to new ways of interacting with creative software, allowing creatives to focus on the “what” more than on the “how”. Krea aims to give graphic designers pixel-level precision of AI models in an intuitive way.​​

🐰 About Design Buddies

​​​​​​​​​Design Buddies is a community where you level up your design career. Make lifelong friends, improve your design craft, and land jobs. We have free resources, events, design challenges, a job board, mentorship, fun perks, and more. 

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About SkillDeck

SkillDeck is a home for your creations. We make it incredibly simple for designers, builders, and creators to house all of their work. Simply copy-paste links, get rich & customizable widgets, and share to the world.

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About Pebblebed

​​We're a bunch of builders backing early stage founders with a nerdy secret. 

​​The cast is Pam Vagata (founding eng of OpenAI, AI lead for Stripe, builder of FBLearner Flow); Keith Adams (former chief architect at Slack, founder of FB's AI Research team, builder of HHVM, engineer #20 at VMWare); Luke Byrne (all around tinkerer, former partner at Tapestry in Europe); Tammie Siew (former Sequoia and GGV backed founder in consumer healthtech x mobile gaming, investor at Sequoia Singapore).