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Cover Image for Africa: Climate, Capital, and AI #SFClimateWeek
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Africa: Climate, Capital, and AI #SFClimateWeek

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Oakland, California
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Diligence Africa is hosting an event addressing the intersection of Venture capital, Climate, and AI in the context of Africa, with support from our amazing sponsors, Port Labs and Tizeti. 

Hosted as part of the renowned SF Climate Week April 21-27, 2024, this event seeks to spotlight the unique challenges and opportunities facing the African continent in its quest for sustainable development amidst a changing climate.


  1. Raise Awareness to Drive Action: by highlighting the crucial role of capital investment in Africa's climate resilience and inspiring concrete commitments for sustainable development in Africa.

  2. Foster Dialogue: by facilitating discussions among policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

  3. Promote Collaboration and Opportunities: by encouraging partnerships for climate-resilient investments and present investment prospects in renewable energy, agriculture, and infrastructure.

  4. Financing Climate Opportunities in Underserved Markets and Communities: Discuss the role of VC funds and Limited Partners in funding founders in underserved communities and what needs to be done to ensure the free flow of capital to underrepresented regions.

Key Themes: 

  1. Financing Climate Resilience: Exploring innovative financing mechanisms and investment models to support climate adaptation and resilience-building initiatives in Africa.

  2. Renewable Energy Transition: Discussing the role of renewable energy and infrastructure developments in Africa's energy transition and its potential to drive economic growth while mitigating climate change.

  3. Sustainable Food and Agriculture: Examining sustainable agricultural practices, technology adoption, and investment opportunities to enhance food security and climate resilience in Africa.

  4. Artificial Intelligence: Discussing the role of AI and how we leverage AI in improving the lives of Africans to achieve more, reach more people, and promote inclusivity, access, and wealth.

Target audience: Investors (LPs and GPs of VC and PE firms), Corporations, Foundations, Policymakers and government officials, Entrepreneurs and business leaders, Environmental NGOs, Ethical technologists, Academics and researchers, International organizations, and development agencies.

If you need any disability accommodation, please email The venue has no-step access from the sidewalk to the room, and an accessible restroom is available.

Diligence Africa is an investment advisory firm that provides due diligence services to investors and organizations looking to invest in African and Africa-focused opportunities. It also provides support services to startups through Fractional CFO services, Accounting Services, Business Process Optimization, Governance & Compliance services, and facilitates Training & Development sessions. 

Our venue host, Port Labs, supports independent thinkers building their businesses in Oakland, CA.  We give builders space to prototype, build, and showcase their technologies to the world from our unique bank building on Franklin Street.

Tizeti is West Africa's leading solar-powered fixed internet service provider, offering high-speed, unlimited Wi-Fi access to homes and businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, and Côte d'Ivoire.

 Tizeti pioneered the solar-powered base station model in Africa, which enabled it to reduce carbon emissions and costs by up to 90% and 50%, respectively, with cost savings passed on to residential and business customers. Its low-cost wireless approach makes accessing the internet and connecting to the digital economy easier and cheaper.

 Its commitment to long-term digital infrastructure development has made it a key player in West Africa as it strives to help achieve national broadband goals. For more information, please go to

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Oakland, California
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Diligence Africa
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